In a world of endless Djs hustling for gigs, Tuck-in-Tyler truly stands out: In his first year on the decks, the Vancouver native played Shambhala, Bass Coast, Tall Tree, What the Festival and Pemberton – all without being booked for them.
A local sound tech familiar with Funktion-One and PK systems, after years of working behind the scenes Tyler jumped in front of the crowds in 2015 with eye opening immediate success. Not only is he versed in house and breaks, he can read the crowd and connect with them anywhere, delivering what the dance floor needs. Tyler is gifted with reading people, and that helps him read crowds and work well with people. When an artist can’t make the show, Tyler will be there to step in. When new opportunities arise, Tyler can be counted on to deliver. There is no time slot he won’t take on, no style he can’t play and no crew he can’t work with.

Tyler is a new selector from the old school – in an age where many performers prearrange entire sets and rely on a “Sync” button to make the music flow together, he prefers the tactile feel of the control vinyl on Tech-12s, reading the vibe of the room and finding the bridge to connect in that moment. They just don’t make ’em like this anymore.
Through his skills, work ethic and attitude, Tuck-in-Tyler has quickly become one of the most prolific Djs in the Vancouver community. Through his work with cutting edge bass sound system companies, he will be at many of the most amazing events in British Columbia this year, and he will be ready to smash audiences on an even greater scale than his electric first year.