Mark Your Calendar
June 16th - 19th 2017
Run With Your Pack!
"If you get a chance, go to What The Festival – it just might change your life." - MASS EDMC
The "millennial generation's Woodstock" - NBC News Entertainment
The newest "summer camp for adults" - Portland Monthly
Voted as the #5 Best Music Festival in the US for 2014 - EDM Sauce
Run With Your Pack!
"...the kind of event that has sprung from the need for an easier-to-experience, more intimate festival." - Fest 300
“…The forests of Oregon are a great place to try out a bunch of weird things, like the world’s largest temporary wading pool.” - MTV
"...the entire experience resembled a spa vacation." - Oregon Music News
One Of The Top 25 Music Festivals You Should Go To Before You Die - Pigeons & Planes
Run With Your Pack!
"What the Festival [...] is a colorful, happy, pulsating oasis." - Compose Yourself Magazine
"What The Festival should be on your bucket list for the 2016 festival season." - EDM Tunes
"What The Festival creates an all-inclusive vibe that’s immediately felt among attendees." - That Drop