Love Gigantic

It is the late 1970’s, summer in small-town Oregon.  Sarah King sits on the living room floor, wearing out her mama’s rock & roll records – Led Zeppelin, Heart, Kris Kristofferson, Fleetwood Mac.  She sweats and sways and daydreams of standing on the stage in front of her own band, pouring her heart and soul into the microphone.
Two decades later, after chasing the harmonies and heartbreaks of her musical heroes down many of the dustiest highways of these United States, Sarah stopped running and returned to Oregon.  Putting down roots in Portland, she focused her passion, and gradually pieced together the mighty sextet that is Love Gigantic.
And oh, what a band this is. The dream rhythm section of Arthur Parker and Joe Mengis on bass & drums, turning on a dime from unholy thunder to slinky groove.  The hypnotic keys and angelic harmony vocals of Lara Michell.  The electrifying double guitars of Chet Lyster and David Langenes weaving throughout in fearless harmony.  And then, atop this warm bed of instrumental euphoria, stalks the mighty silken roar of King’s voice, flowing effortlessly from all-powerful to gossamer delicate. It’s hard to imagine a more cohesive and skillful group to deliver the rock & roll goods.
There are undeniable echoes of the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s in the music on their debut album, “Love Gigantic”, yet the band also manage to make it fresh, modern, and undeniably unique.   When you drop the needle on this bit of vinyl heaven, it all at once envelopes you like an old friend, and rocks you like a new lover.
Do yourself a favor and see this band live.  Prepare to be embraced in rock & roll ecstasy; heart and soul and sweat.  And it all begins when Sarah steps up to the mic and says, “Hello, Lovers.”  Right before she rips your heart out.