Festival the Show LIVE

Festival the Show LIVE is a hilarious and pertinent sketch comedy experience. This show satirizes, entertains, and educates the festival inclined not to take anything too seriously. With catchy original show tunes, elaborate costumes, larger than life props, and high flying acts, the creators have recruited a multi-talented performance ensemble to take you on a cleverly constructed ride. Be entertained by awkward interactions in the sauna, horrific porta potty encounters, the grief of setting up camp and so much more. Even if this is your first time at a festival, this show will amuse, educate and open your eyes to the hilarious happenings and hypocrisies of festival culture.
Don’t take our word for it, here’s what people are saying about Festival the Show LIVE:
“Fantastic Show! I laughed the whole way through.”
“I do hope my gutteral laughing didn’t disturb my neighbors!! That was hilarious! Thank you for such a smart reflection of how ridiculousness elevates ridiculousness. More more!!!”
“I woke up with a sore belly and face pain. Laughed so hard last night . Brilliant. Can’t wait for the next show.”