Chanti Darling

Chanti Darling is the brainchild of musician and performance artist Chanticleer Trü, and his collaborators Natasha Kmeto and Damon Boucher.

The bands driving inspiration is to bring R&B music back to the forefront of pop consciousness. Not the R&B that you hear on the airwaves of radio stations today but; the funky dance floor jams of yesteryear, the soulful slow burners that seem to have now burned off into the ether, and the once smartly cooed lyricism that once lived in peoples ears crossing into pop music and defying genre.

Still, all at once Chanti Darling’s mission is clear. No matter where they take you, they want you to lose yourself to the driving forces that inspire this music. They want you to dance. Nothing and everything is sacred as they take you on a rocket ship that passes through the celestial bodies of R&B. A complete cellular string theory like portal that encompasses Disco, Funk, House, Freestyle, and other moments in the connected history of this music all while bringing an element of futurism. Prepare to feel all the feels.

Enter Chanti Darling. An amalgamation of this vibrantly color-bleeding palette. A reflective piece of this evolution, consciously aware while pushing all of this “influence”, rather history and experience, through a lens of futurism.

Chanti Speaks…

A big part of our love of this project stems from a young lifetime listening to R&B. True R&B. All the way from the 80’s cutesy funky soul-pop of Evelyn Champagne King, to the more sophisticated jazz influenced Patrice Rushen, and the ombre disco-boogie of Cheryl Lynn. From Toto and Don Henley; to the beginnings of Prince, and budding genius of Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, to SWV and Tony Toni Toné. Throw in the appreciation of some of the absolute best appreciators of this massive landscape ala Frankie Knuckles, and… Boom.

Like everything in this life we are a product our past looking into a crystal ball.