Caçadora (Ca-sa-dor-a). This soulfully deep and groovy bass selectress hails from the west coast of BC. She plays a range of music from melodic futuristic bass, classy trap, and hip hop to reggae and dancehall. Her flavour weaves the warmth of roots music with electronic bass beats, incorporating a healthy dub influence in her sound. Whatever the genre or tempo, she keeps it smooth and spicy.
An active mainstay on the west coast electronic music scene, Caçadora has been providing sensual soundscapes to activated audiences throughout BC, and western USA since 2009. She has warmed dance floors for bass and dub legends as well as some of her musical inspirations like Ott, Bluetech, David Starfire, Daega Sound, Goopsteppa, AtYya, DJ Dakini and Tank Gyal. You’ll also catch Caçadora providing beats for The Church of Reggae Yoga, and The Reef and Cenotes in her current home base of Victoria BC.