Wizard School with Karl Funhouse

Class Description

Wizard School is a journey originating at the crossroads of where the festival world and the spiritual world intersect. Sacred Geometry has become such a huge part of festival culture and fashion over the past few years, but why is this ancient set of patterns and symbols surfacing in the midst of art, music, and celebration? What are the links that tie these ancient secrets to these modern gatherings and how can the combination of the two help benefit not only festival culture but the world as a whole?

This workshop will cover what sacred geometry is and the role it plays in the world we inhabit. We will see how the singularity made the journey from one thing -> the Seed of Life -> Flower of Life -> Tree of Life (Kabbalah) -> Fruit of Life -> Metatron’s Cube -> The Platonic Solids -> The Elements -> Life on Earth. We will discuss what the Merkaba is (Star Tetrahedron 3D geometric shape of the human’s Light Body) and how it can be used to our benefit while in this holographic existence.

Other topics to be covered include:

-The dynamics of Masculine and Feminine. What each means physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually as well as balancing them to create harmonic resonance in ourselves.

-The difference between a duality and unity consciousness.

-Ego vs. Higher Self

-The Vibrational nature of all reality and what this means concerning how our thoughts, words, actions, etc. shape our experience through the Law of Attraction

-Spiritual Alchemy and refining out the basic spiritual impurities that we are born with to achieve a higher vibration and connection to Love Source.

This workshop will conclude with a Light Armor Activation Meditation bringing awareness throughout the physical and spiritual bodies to connect them into one unified being. The meditation will give the ability to create a protective shield that will deflect negative energy, contain positive energy and hold space for others to align with their highest truth and purpose in life. Attendees will leave shining brightly and amplifying the energy of the entire festival.

Instructor Bio

Karl Funhouse is the Head Sparkle Wizard and creative force behind Fractal Funhouse, The Galactivated Sparkle Boutique that has been distributing Sparkle Magic across the West Coast festival circuit full time for the past 3 years. Having spent 10 years in the music festival community learning, growing, creating and spreading love and sparkles, his combination of wisdom and experience have given him a unique perspective and loving insight as to how festival culture can help us grow creatively and spiritually as individuals and as a community. Integrating his high reverence for the divine and ceremony and by applying these concepts and principles into the playful environment of music festivals he has created an energy of sacred silliness that is infectious to all who come in contact with this Sparkle Wizard’s presence.