Mushrooms Mushrooms Everywhere! by Peter McCoy

Class Description

In this hands on workshop Peter will teach participants the basics of what it takes to grow edible and medicinal mushrooms for low to no dough. After starting with an introduction to fungal biology and ecology, the workshop will dive into the core principles of growing mushrooms in the garden or kitchen on common waste streams such as woodchips, coffee, and cardboard. The workshop will conclude with an onsite installation of an edible mushroom patch that will likely be fruiting at next year’s festival, and participants will also be given some materials to take home and repeat the same process in their own backyard and grow their own.

Instructor Bio

Peter McCoy is a self-taught mycologist with 15 years of accumulated study and experience and a endless drive to sharing his passion for working with and learning from fungi. He is an original founder of Radical Mycology, a grassroots organization that teaches how to work with mushrooms and other fungi for personal health, community resilience, and ecological stewardship. Peter is the lead cultivation expert for the Amazon Mycorenewal Project and Open Source Ecology and the primary author behind Radical Mycology, a 700-page book on mycology, mushroom cultivation, mycoremediation, and much more.