Light Body Activation with Adrienne Elise

Class Description

A guided meditation journey, accompanied with music, to follow the path of ancient mysteries into oneness heart consciousness. Balancing the male and female energy and left and right brains takes us deep inside the sacred chamber of our heart where we can find our own radiant light and a direct connection to our higher self and all that is. Connecting our activated higher chakra centers to the electromagnetic field of the heart, can create a powerful circuit of grounded, free energy. We are our own Source! Journey within to remember how to activate the star-tetrahedron shaped Merkaba field or ‘Chariot’ that exists in latent seed form around each of us, our vehicle for ascension.

Instructor Bio

Adrienne Elise is an Intuitive Healer and Teacher offering support for shifting through monthly Astrological updates, Intuitive Courses, and Individual Healing Sessions. As a trained Psychic and Classical Homeopath, Adrienne offers effective tools to assist in healing and spiritual growth. Adrienne is also a trained Waldorf Teacher and Singer/Songwriter.