Letting Go of Your Story by Katie “Napalm” Cleary, LAc, MAOM

Class Description

Come to the workshop with your “life story” or “why I am the way I am” condensed down to one page. It’s the story that you tell your new friends and anyone else that you want to get to know you. If you choose to be courageous and embark on this exercise, you will find that the story that has followed you for so long no longer has a hold on you anymore. In fact, you won’t even remember the passion and drama you used to associate with it! The negative aspects that have had such a hold on you will virtually disappear.

Instructor Bio

Napalm graduated from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) in 2002 and is a licensed acupuncturist, specializing in helping people get through traumatic, life-changing events as well as pain relief in the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional realms. Her passion is human relationships and sharing the tools that she’s honed in the past 9 years to help others get what she’s gotten. The work that she’s done has given her a life that is mostly free from drama and mostly full of serenity, connection and love. Katie has lived in the PacNW for a total of 9 years and now resides in Portland with the love of her heart, Pope, along with his 90-year old Mom, Thelma, and their three cats: Ozzy, Lita and Kitteh.