Guided Meditation by Chel*c Starsee

Class Description

Join us in a guided meditation where we will dive deep into our caves of consciousness and find our power animals! The ceremony will provide a grounding technique that you can use throughout the weekend whenever you need it. Starsee will walk you through a meditation and help you discover your protective animal guide. Afterwards we will discuss how these animals help us and what aspects of ourselves need attention. Starsee will amplify the experience with a full protection ceremony and finish with the grounding technique.

Instructor Bio

Chel*c is an Oregon native who has spent the last 5 years studying animal shamanism, astrology, and tarot. An intergalactic Space Cadet, Chel*c is well versed in mental, spiritual and emotional space travel. She has lead many private and small group meditations to help her friends dive deep into their own internal cosmos!