Big Art & Soul

Bamboo Portals

Alchemy Arts Collective
Bamboo Portals serve as yourĀ entranceĀ into The Illuminated Forest. Alchemy Arts Collective’s mission is to invoke play in our culture through larger-than-life interactive sculpture art.



Aleph Geddis - Live Carving

Aleph Geddis
The sculptural works of Pacific Northwest’s Aleph Geddis live at the intersection of traditional methods and modernist forms.

Look for Aleph as he sets up near the Market Place this year at What The Festival to carve a commissioned Wolf Mask for Wolf Run Ranch!




Yelena Filipchuk and Serge Beaulieu

This project is inspired by the intersection of science, technology, maker culture, and of course, the artistsā€™ favorite book, Hitchhikerā€™s Guide to the Galaxy. HYBYCOZO was created to take a passion for design, technology, geometry, and installation art to the next level through thought provoking objects.



Kraken Gemini

Sam Johnson

TheĀ KrakenĀ GeminiĀ are a pair of glowing colossal squid puppets who will roam the festival grounds looking for something tasty to eat. Don’t get too close, or you could find out how sharp a cephalopod’s beak really is! TheĀ KrakenĀ often wander around solo, but are notoriously attracted to crowds and music, and have been known to congregate where the bass hits the hardest.


Mirror Mirror On The Ball

W. Glen Boyd and Ivan McLean

A central feature of What The Festival each year, this piece not only invites reflection, it creates it! Home to movement classes and epic views of Mt. Hood each day, along with late-night Silent Disco every night, this epic ball of fun is sure to keep the party moving.


Michael Christian

Another returning feature at the festival by world-class installation artist, Michael Christian.Ā SphaeĀ is beautiful, playful, and interactive. This surreal, ever-changing sculpture is inspired by the genius of nature.




Rob Bell

Drawn to their alluring forms, the Zomes of Rob Bell have delighted travelers far and wide. The energy within harnesses a nostalgia for the primordial with a deeply meditative vision of the future.