What The Festival is accessible to all guests, no matter the situation. We are continually improving the accessibility of our festival and we welcome all feedback and suggestions. For any questions, concerns and/or comments, please contact the accessibility department by emailing

Please read the following information carefully, as some of the information may have changed:

Wheelchair Access

The venue is fully accessible with the assistance of our ADA Access team. Due to the nature of the venue, there will be some areas that may be difficult for wheelchairs and patrons with mobility impairments. We will have a dedicated ADA shuttle transportation system to assist patrons through these challenging areas.

Please make sure to bring any additional assistive equipment that will be helpful in getting through steeper inclines, inclement weather and harsher terrain.

We recommend bringing spare off-road wheelchair tires, pneumatic tire repair kits, and any other items that may be helpful.

Access Center


All accessibility-related questions can be answered at our Access Center. In addition, this will be the location to acquire access to our accessible accommodations, and recharge wheelchair batteries or other assistive technology requiring electrical recharging. If you need to store equipment such as oxygen tanks or insulin, Access Center staff will register the equipment and place in a safe location. Pick up the festival’s Access Guides here and inquire about the best accessible routes between stages.

Access Guides

Access Guides: A printed guide listing all of our services and an ADA specific map will be distributed from the Access Center.

Accessible Viewing Areas

Viewing areas will be provided for ADA patrons that may need to see above the crowd at certain stages. Please see the festival map or contact the nearest festival staff member for exact locations. To gain access you must visit the Access Center in advance to get the proper credentials. Be advised, space is limited and is on a first come first-served basis.

ADA Entrance

All entrances/exits are accessible. A specific line at will call and the box office will be provided for ADA patrons who cannot wait long durations in the sun.

Our Access team will be continually monitoring this and assist with any issues which may arise.


ATMs & Concessions

The ATMs are fully accessible and located throughout the venue. If assistance is required please confer with a festival staff member.

First Aid

All First Aid locations are noted on the festival maps. Professional medical staff will assist patrons with any medical issues that arise. Our Access team will be guiding patrons to First Aid if a medical emergency arises.

Mobility Devices

Only those patrons who have mobility impairments may use electric mobility devices. Power wheelchairs and three or four-wheeled scooters are allowed.

Devices not covered under federal or state law including two-wheeled scooters, golf carts, or all-terrain vehicles, are NOT allowed anywhere on site.


Handicap parking areas will require a current, valid state issued DMV ADA placard or plates with corresponding placard or plate paperwork to match the patron’s ID.

Effective Communication

Options will be available for patrons who are hard of hearing, including Assistive Listening Devices (ALD) as well as HERE Active Listening Systems. Both options will be available at the Access Center, and can be rented out for free, as long as a valid credit card is provided as collateral.

ASL Interpretation will be available upon request.

For patrons who are blind and/or visually impaired, we will be offering guided tours of the venue, available upon request. Please email to coordinate a tour.


Throughout the venue there will be sanitary, wheelchair accessible restrooms which will be pinpointed on the Access Guides. To obtain access to these restrooms, ADA patrons will need to visit the Access Center.

Service Animal Policy

What The Festival has a strict no-pet rule, with exceptions only for service animals as specified by federal and state law. Due to large-scale service animal fraud and for the safety of our patrons, staff, and other service animals, all animals which do not meet the legal standards will not be allowed into the festival grounds.

All service animals must be registered at the venue entrance gates. Please note, comfort animals, emotional support animals, and therapy animals are not considered service animals and will not be allowed into the venue grounds.

Feel free to contact for any other questions and/ or concerns.