World’s Finest

World’s Finest out of Portland, OR is becoming a household name on the Western US festival and tour circuit. Creating what they call Americana Ska Grass, the band skips fluidly through their favorite genres and styles to create a vibe that is all their own. Strong songwriting, beautiful vocal harmonies, engaging band interplay and trancy improvisation are only a handful of the many reasons why World’s Finest has gained themselves a dedicated fan base, expecting both an outrageous dance party and a showcase of skilled musicianship.

Hailing from all over the country, World’s Finest is comprised of five members: Chris Couch (acoustic guitar, vocals), Dan Hurley (electric banjo, vocals), Sean McLean (sax, electric guitar, vocals), Evan Malfer (electric + upright bass), and Mike Apodaca (drums). Even with their very different musical and geographical backgrounds, they have undoubtedly found inspiration in each others’ taste, talents, and sensibilities.

The band’s latest release, Headwaters, runs like a journal of the past few years touring, maintaining relationships, and the tenuous nature of trying to hold it all together. Like the previous World’s Finest album, 33, the songs are fun and catchy, but the sound has matured and the themes have gotten more serious with age and experience. With the help of engineer Justin Phelps (Cake, Galactic, The Mars Volta), World’s Finest has finally hit the nail on the head in creating an album that captures their sound and vibe.