Water, Illuminated

For 2016, Temple P L U R will be creating Water, Illuminated–a sanctuary, reminiscent of old Moroccan and Middle Eastern temples with a playful splash of gypsy carnival where we can all connect through our common element: water, while being surrounded by whimsical, curious and sacred displays that provoke both conversation and inner reflection.
Water, Illuminated is a temple to honor and connect with the sacredness of Earth, Self and the Divine as we provide a place to ground, to quiet the mind and be enveloped in love. A sound garden of wind chimes surround you, and within the temple, kaleidoscopes of prismic light dance through bowls and bottles of underwater worlds big and small, all holding energy of healing and resonating love. Sacred artifacts from around the world, ancient whalebones and artful displays of statuary adorn the walls.
Come and join us in the temple, in the woods of the Illuminated Forest, as we cultivate the feelings and philosophy of PLUR, weaving the connections in our festival family strongly and tightly together.

About the Creator

Rooster Shannon is the lead visionary behind Temple P L U R and has been creating sacred spaces at festivals and events for 22 years. She is also the owner and designer of Rooster Baby, her label for urban tribal headdresses and sacred art since 2009. Her beloved and indispensable crew of like-minded rebel-rousers and peace-keepers join her to create a sanctuary that will stir the mind and nurture the soul…