Towers of Radiance

Illuminating the trees, flowers and smiling faces in a mystical full color spectrum, Towers of Radiance are four light sculptures that frame a square. Each tower is over 10 feet tall with 900 RGB LEDS embedded into the structure, creating a dynamic visualization that will be stunning to see at night. During the day the Towers of Radiance are visually stunning as their base wave shape come from years of work expressing sacred geometry into sculptural forms. Appearing as 5 Diamonds vertically aligned, the viewer can see through the 4 waves that make up each tower. Towers of Radiance will entrance the viewer and illuminate the forest with mystical colors.

About the Creator

Neil Manchon is an industrial sculptor that has recently graduated from Emily Carr University with a degree in Industrial Design. From Texas he fell in love with the nature and people in the North West. His practices revolve around expressing sacred geometry and space in three dimensional forms based around interconnecting waves. He is always seeking adventures, projects and ideas.