The Sacred G’s: Whisperers of the Elemental

Two performers will wander The Illuminated Forest at night, creating rogue performance throughout. Uniquely illuminated roaming characters, they will install their movement art in and around the art installations and along the pathway. Hark, as they move to fulfill their end––honoring the Forest, paying tribute to the Elements, and lighting the way as they go. Their prayerformance blends movement, prayer, human statue, freestyle & urban dance, breaking, popping and more. One can not simply be told what the whisperers do, rather one must go seek them out, and experience their unique story-telling art with one’s own eyes. We invite you to follow these Whisperers of the Elemental. Come experience The Illuminated Forest’s only ambient performance art, offered by The Sacred G’s.

About the Creators

The Sacred G’s are an urban dance collective that utilizes the art of Hip Hop and sacred movement to empower the body, inspire the mind and enrich the link to spirit. A multicultural, versatile group of dancers who hail from various professional performance life paths, their lives are rooted in spiritual disciplines such as Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Qi Gong and Holistic Healing, to name a few. It has been these life paths that inspired them to transcend their movement into meaningful, resonant messages for humanity. Just as the right music can instill feelings, thoughts, emotions and social change, so can movement. The G’s seek to share this light with intentional communities, the transformational festival culture and other cultural communities.