The Portal

The Portal is a stunning use of copper, aluminum and steel combined with sacred geometry and harmonic proportion. At first glance it is a representation of the Chinese Iching and yin-yang, but this installation has another dimension to it. At the push of a button, a participant can open The Portal. The two halves of the yin-yang separate, revealing a screen that will play 1 of 108 videos. Computer controlled lighting trances you deeper into the message that is offered. The Portal is a guide, a gatekeeper, giving you a glimpse at something you need to see.

About the Creator

Alex Flury is a metalworker and kinetic artist from British Columbia, Canada. His work is infused with sacred geometry as we saw in his 2015 piece ‘Fractal Expansion’. His main discipline is a principle called harmonic proportion. “Every piece and every angle is proportional to one another. Nothing is random.” Though his art is kinetic, it provides us a space of stillness and wonder. In his new installation ‘The Portal’, participants will get the opportunity to “see past the veil” as Alex describes it. “The universe is connected through the sharing of space. It is my aim to show the structure and nature of the space by bringing these invisible principles into our material world.”