The Magical Photo Rickshaw

The Magical Photo Rickshaw is a mobile Polaroid studio on wheels! This intergalactic two seated carriage on wheels is bicycle powered and out-fitted with a camera to capture the portraits of who ever we encounter as we roam Wolf Run Ranch.
This year the rickshaw traveled to outer space and got overtaken by a gang of cosmic cats.They tricked out the studio with magic dancers, images of their home planets and fur. They even bring a giant LED ball of yarn to toss around when the sun goes down.
The silver exterior shines like an electric diamond in the sun and kitties run the camera….except when they’re napping or distracted by sparkly bits. We gift our Polaroid portraits to our visitors and try to keep the kitty dance party in full swing.

About the Creator

Jenny Hannah Roche is a narrative-based photographer working in analog and digital mediums. Raised by a golden-haired gypsy mother under a fog blanket in rural Oregon, she grew tall and saucy in a log cabin fashioned with a Jacuzzi bathtub but no indoor toilet to speak of. Mom traded Grateful Dead shows for Disneyland vacations and purchased Jenny Hannah her first camera at age sixteen.
Jenny now balances her time between commissioned portraits, commercial and fashion narratives, and her personal projects.
Her desire is to breathe life into the written word and capture worlds that exist between the folds of memory, reality and imagination. She searches for traces of our own collective desire and vulnerability. On a good day, she snares the thundering howls and quiet surrenders that define our experience in this place we call home.