The Light Hive

The Light Hive is a color morphing cluster of light pyramids

About the Creator

Three words to describe Sara Liberatore’s design style: SIMPLE, NATURAL, GEODESIC.

In all aspects of my life, I strive for connection. As a previous English major, I find that at the heart of creative work is the drive towards narrative and connection–as storytelling creatures, us humans imbibe our creations with connections. Ever since childhood, I was driven to create–whether that was modeling with clay or making chewy pizzas with play dough toppings. This desire to create and childhood wonder stayed with me all through college and came to head when I began to attend art and music festivals. It was as if a light had turned on–these flashing images and large scale sculptures, this is what I was looking for all along–a way to relate to others through my creations. And that’s what I want to bring to you, this passion for connection and communication through a creative lens. I am currently in my last quarters at SCAD Atlanta, where I am achieving my MA in Motion Design. If you’re interested in collaboration or business inquiries, I would love to connect.