The Cosmic Messenger

The Cosmic Messenger is a life size Pegasus unicorn, the body is built out of steel, and mosaic glass is placed in the areas of the horse’s chakras so that she lights up from the inside and out. The steel is painted with chalkboard paint so that people can interact with it and write messages to one another. There are lights both inside the horse and on the outside so that she lights up the night.

About the Creator

Miki Masuhara-Page is a local Hawaiian Island girl, raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. She was homeschooled in her junior high years and then attended King Kamehameha Schools where she embraced my Hawaiian heritage. Miki enjoyed creating things from a very young age and as she grew older and attended Universities, so did her curiosity to explore new mediums and create larger and more detailed sculptures.

She has worked in a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, woodwork, printmaking, ceramics, glass, welding and fabrication, casting. She likes to work with found objects–they speak to her of what they would like to become and she works with the material to bring it to life.

As an artist, Miki likes to explore the imagination and create works that spark curiosity in the mind through fun, whimsical, and childlike qualities. She enjoys the element of surprise and bringing life to creatures and materials that are unexpected to have such properties. Creatures embodying human characteristics in the form of a domain of fantasy or purity of feeling, usually cartoonish in nature. She takes pleasure in challenging myself by working organically and overcoming obstacles as they are presented. Miki’s work is influenced by nature, fantasy, dreams, and upbringing.