The Copa Clambana

The Copa Clambana is a Disco Undersea Haven (DUH). In this submersive boogie wonderland, festival goers will luxuriate in a cushy, aquatic environment. Groove to the pulsating funk emanating from The World’s Most Glamorous Clam(™) while enjoying VIP service from our Clambana boys and girls. At the Copa Clambana you can party all night long with the Glitterati, our posse of fabulously funky jellyfish or refresh yourself by drinking directly from the teat of the disco siren. Fulfill your funkiest fantasies in this psychedelic underwater seascape while lounging around in the jellyfish grotto or auditioning for freak of the week on our disco dance floor.

About the Creator

Christina Glabas and Holly Hogan-Long are Portland based business women and artists whose passion for disco and silly art have driven them to create submersive art experiences that revive the fabulousness of disco culture while exploring the psychedelic wonderland that is the sea.