Straddles the line between dark and cute! Neon tracers and thick black lines! My work shines in the sunshine and under electric light! Staying true to my generations colors.

About the Creator

From pink Cadillacs, to neon tracers, Kiki ‘Squeeki’ DeVille meshes her own personal style with classic black ink and a dash of pop culture in hologram form! Born, and consistently raising hell in the grungy streets of Seattle, Squeeki has been instilled with the very life of the concrete jungles, and has exercised many different art forms as means of release from the outside world.
Even in high school, while skipping every class with the exception of her advanced art and ceramics studies, Squeex was positive there was no other career outlet for her. By the age of 18, Squeeki had gone on to own a thriving Pin-Up photography business, Kiki D Photography. More recently, for the past couple of years Squeex has been working hard as a successful professional dancer. She has a golden resume in Performance Direction, which includes running a crew of lethal ladies at a top 100 nightclub in past adventures, and is celebrating her recent promotion as Performance Coordinator for the 2016 fourth coming Emissions Festival, put on by none other than Burning Man’s baddest bass camp: Camp Questionmark, in the Bay Area.
Core mediums to her visual arts include drawing, painting, photography and collage . With all the fast paced moves, and bright shining lights the electronic music scene has to offer, Squeeki feels grounded and fully complete when it comes to the subject of her visual art: “I can go places I’ve never been. I connect with the monsters in my dreams and meet with them on paper, ” she says proudly. Take notice as Squeeki invites you into her imaginative realm with her debut visual art show at this summer’s What The Festival!