Shrine Trash Totems

A threshold, a line to cross, an arch to gaze up at while passing through. A trash totem, a display of public witchcraft, light magic sorcery gone terribly right. Two 14ft totems made entirely out of re-used materials joined with exotic garland made of cans, plastic bottles, outdoor lights and branches. It’s an inspiration machine, once you go through it, once you see it, you can never go back.
Cans! All Cans: aluminum, tin, steel, food cans, paint cans. Plastic bottles of every shape and size. Lids! Bottle caps! Old wood, weird metal, wire! I’ll even throw in some painted bottles. Together myself and these seemingly innocent, unsuspecting items will join forces to open your collective hearts.
This bold statement is true. I will probably make a few smaller totems to create a grouping effect. There may words, slogans, poetry, advertising, signage. I will be attempting to make something irresistible that holds the viewer in a mild trance for a few moments.

About the Creator

Self taught painter, installation, performance artist. Brent Spears aka Shrine survived a near fatal motorcycle accident at 18 and a near fatal high speed collision at 47 years old. These incidents profoundly influenced the artist outlook on redefining and creating space. The 29 years in between were spent raising kids, chasing inspiration, painting buildings and creating installations out of trash and found objects internationally in galleries, museums and festivals.
Shrine became an artist sitting and drawing in his grandmother’s kitchens. Although those kitchens are long gone, Shrine is still diligently watching lines come out of his hands, still excited to practice a ritual that takes him home and gives his life meaning.
Billy Shire of La Luz De Jesus Gallery Los Angeles gave Shrine his first show, first mural, first painting sold 27 years ago.
His journey continues, each moment of self expression leading to the next.