Shine Brite

The giant lite brite was constructed out of nearly all reclaimed and recycled materials (lights excluded). This project makes beauty and art from waste.

Using three hollow core doors, door jams and other odds and ends found at The RE Store, the light box is constructed. The pegs were created out of 400 500ml water bottles filled with colored water.

The white light refracts through the colored water illuminating the bottles. To add dimension and magic, RGB LED light strips are used that change color, fade, flash, and are reactive to music.

Users have the opportunity to create and imagine, interact and play just as we did in the 80’s with the tiny static version.

About the Creator

Rose Lathrop is a local leader in the green building movement. Rose has a versed background in sustainability practices from both the public and private sector and is transforming building practices.  She obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Planning and Environmental Policy from Huxley College for the Environment, Western Washington University.  She is also a LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Accredited Professional and a CSBA (Certified Sustainable Building Advisor).  Rose has a deep-seated passion for sustainable living, and she practices this in her daily life.  She is a curious blend of urban farmer, green building pioneer, and cheerful community-maker.