Red Wing

Originally shown as part of the collection, “A Light Shining In Darkness” in the gardens at The Bishop’s Palace in Wells, England, Red Wing is guaranteed to wow and inspire festival goers. Designed by renowned stained glass artist, Edgar Phillips, the piece is 7 feet high, and 16 feet wide.

“I wanted people to stand inside and be to scale, it was very important to me that they looked like your size wings and that you could fly with them!”

The inspiration of the pieces came from many walks alongside the Palace moat to relax and find peace at a difficult time in Edgar’s life. One evening whilst watching the swans come in to land with their beautiful wings angled and open, a vision of burning red wings forged into his mind and from that moment he knew he had to make them to move towards a brighter place in his life.

About the Creator

Edgar Phillips (Born 1970 Wimbledon) is a British artist and designer working in the decorative arts and is best known for his work in stained glass. From his studio in Wells, England he designs and creates stained glass windows, lighting, sculpture and portraiture.

He specializes in traditional hand-painted,  kiln-fired glass, restoring antique pieces and incorporating them into his work, which can be seen around the world.

Classically trained at John Hardman Studios he is currently Artist in Residence at the Bishop’s Palace, Wells, where his hugely popular exhibition “A Light Shining in Darkness” has been running for two years.