MuRaLMoNsTaRS like to paint with feelings and vibes inspired by their surroundings, the energy in the air, and the sound of the music. Our painting this year at What The Festival will be influenced by our experiences at the festival in the past and the beautiful people and things that happened there. Each MoNsTaR has a very unique style and way of painting, creating a mosaic of collaboration on the wall which develops naturally throughout the event. Come watch and interact with some color creatures!

About the Creators

MuRaLMoNsTaRS are a fun group of creative paint mashers that specialize in large scale live painting and mural work. Their paintings take you to fantastical worlds filled with colorful characters, and elaborate dreamscapes. Each of the MuRaLMoNsTaRS is an interesting colorful character themselves, making watching them paint an enjoyable journey in itself, as they bounce, bubble and snarl the paint on to the canvas (or more often the wall). Comprised of: Dylan”Kauz”Freeman, Arise Rawk, Matt Schlosky, Capsel, Firecat, Starlight Turner, and Christopher Burns plus special guest monstars.