Live Painting: Megan Dixon

The intention is to demonstrate the process of the mandalas painted and offer people an understanding of the process that has developed, while producing a mandala using the energy of the collective force of the event.

About the Creator

Megan Dixon is a conceptual and visual artist driven to explore the numinous nature of existence. Especially fascinated by the special place where spirit and matter converge, she uses automatic drawing of the painting process to explore perceptions of reality, creating installations to immerse the viewer in a world shaped by investigations into esoteric mysticism.

Above all, she values the journey of uncovering what is hidden beneath accumulated layers of assumption and conditioning, using the compass of intuition and a surrender to flow to access the veiled mystery of Truth. She believes that the fruits of a devotion to understanding her own darkness, and light, have the power to ripple out and transmute the world she shares with others.

Born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska, she relocated to Portland in 2010 and received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Craft with a concentration of Drawing and Painting in 2014.