Liminal Spaces

Liminal Spaces lies in the space between realities. It’s a collage that encapsulates realms of far off mindscapes, by blending reality with the surreal. The human body is portrayed in landscapes and situations that seem unfathomable to our rational minds, but familiar to the subconscious tides of wonder. Through printing these images on a large scale, as wide as 30 inches, the viewer is transported into the worlds that have been created.  These photographs are all shot in 35 mm film due to the belief that inconsistencies in this material add an unexpected magic to the work that is impossible to recreate with digital photographs. These are defined by the artist as the process of seeing these as moments in an infinite timeline that capture the delicate beauty of human nature and the vastness that lies within us.

About the Creator

Haley Jensen creates artwork like a shaman lives life, by “walking between the worlds”. She is a weaver of the light and dark, conscious and unconscious, visible and invisible. She is fascinated with mystery, magic, darkness and the soul. She creates to instigate the thought processes that lead to awareness and contemplation of self. By creating, she is asking: “Who am I as I exist in this world? What does it mean to be conscious in a physical body? What is a soul? Where does the magic lie?”

Haley graduated from UC Santa Cruz in 2015 with a degree in Art, specializing in Sculpture and Photography. She received the Irwin Scholarship, a prestigious award for promising young artists in the UCSC art department. She is currently living in Encinitas, CA, making photographs, drawings and jewelry. You can find her in LA on the weekends, collaborating with creative people in the fashion industry, eating burritos or swimming in the ocean.

She is also the photographer of the dynamic duo, “The Dream Queens” which is a collaboration between photographer and muse.