Galactic Arachnid

An Illuminated Forest piece that comes alive and moves through the festival, the Galactic Arachnid is a large scale puppet which, when being operated, will tower over 15 feet above the dance floor, and be manned by a team of 10 puppeteers. Made from a combination of molded plastic, translucent vinyl, PVC, and spandex fabric this massive white spider will move realistically over the crowd, showcasing an incredible combination of mechanical engineering and structural integrity. Throughout the legs and thorax, programmable LEDs will shine through sacred geometric patterns and provide a near limitless array of lighting options while the abdomen, a 6 foot sphere wrapped in iridescent fabric, will house a laser galaxy projector. The effect will be a multidimensional and tactile piece of performance art that will be fully interactive and will provide participants with a truly memorable, surreal, and atypical experience with a visually stunning and fantastical creation.

About the Creator

Sam Johnson grew up in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He has been building large-scale puppets, and taking them to concerts and festivals since 2012. Sam firmly believes that there is tremendous value in unexpected encounters with larger-than life puppets, and he seeks to deliver that experience to as many people as possible. His projects are designed, funded, and built by the incredible community of artists, thinkers, and dreamers in his current home of Boise, Idaho.