Fungully is a magical interactive space of five glowing, singing mushrooms. Each mushroom cap has it’s own unique glow and responds to your touch with a harmonic sound. By touching all 5 mushrooms, an individual or group can create their own unique soundscape and light show. This fairy ring of light is a serene place to escape from all the stimulation and loud music of a festival, and connect with nature and others. It is a collaborative project between Ryan Ramage and Nickie B.

About the Creators

Ryan Ramage is a web developer by trade, with a furniture and art making hobby that has slowly taken over an ever larger portion of his life since his first Burning Man event in 2011. Experienced with woodworking, metal fabrication, electronics, and flame effects, he successfully completed and presented flame effects projects at SOAK (Oregon’s Burning Man regional), and Burning Man in 2014 and 2015.

Nickie B is a front-end web designer and developer. Art has been a hobby her whole life. She has minor experience in welding, and likes providing assistance on other projects, such as Ryan’s Flamethrower Chandelier and the Portland heart for “Embrace” at Burning Man 2014. Fungully was her first large installation art project, and the exciting beginnings of pursuing designing and building more installation art.