Dream Collective: Marwan Nahlé

Marwan Nahlé is a Lebanese-born painter and multi-media artist who has lived and worked internationally for the past 27 years. He has exhibited his work in Lebanon as well as France, New York, California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Minnesota, Hawaii, Switzerland, Canary Islands, Spain , Germany, Jordan, Greece, and Australia. His paintings represent his lifelong physical and spiritual journey, combining forms and landscapes from his world travels into ethereal and mystical movements, transporting you into and out of the earth with each brushstroke. One of the main mediums and themes in his mixed media work is to use recycled materials, creating playful and imaginative collages and sculptures from discarded toys, metal scraps, plastic debris, roots, fossils, branches and images. He thus transforms what most people would consider “trash” into surrealistic creatures and fantastic landscapes both whimsical and spontaneous. His work is truly original and inventive, each piece telling a story and a history, the individual pieces within each piece and the one piece as a whole. His work forces you to look beyond the ordinary and create a new and radical mythology existing outside of any timeline.

Tiare Ribeaux, New York City