Dream Collective: Cobie Roberts Neal

Cobie Roberts Neal is the Ranch Manager at Wolf Run Ranch, where What The Festival takes place. He is also a philosophical writer/storyteller and at the 2016 festival, he, along with artists Jennifer Espenscheid and Marwan Nahl√© will be creating an art gallery for paintings, writings, and dialogue. His vision is exactly what the gallery‚Äôs theme is: ‚ÄúDREAM COLLECTIVE‚ÄĚ.

The words and paintings will encourage self-reflection and are intended to provoke thoughts about the local landscape and each participant’s mythology. There will be an enclosed gallery and an open space with dead standing pine logs cut in half and crafted into benches for sitting and sharing dialogue (dialogue logs). Neal says what will be discovered at the gallery is up to each individual, yet the space will be centered on the feminine, masculine, grounded energy and the sense of humor it takes to create such a space.