The Chakrahedron is a 12 foot tall octahedron shaped light installation and interactive experience. The Sculpture will have mounted LED lights around all outward facing grooves from the top to bottom. These LED’s will be programmed to change color as well as create patterns. The top half of the Chakrahedron will have over 200 high strength parachute cords in the 7 colors of the Chakras. These cords will be arranged in a spiral pattern moving up the top half of the sculpture. The cords will be overlapping and creating an ever changing color spectrum, as the viewer moves around and through the sculpture.

About the Creator

My name is Ryan Hargis I’m an installation artist from Bellingham, WA. The installations I make come from the complicity of the human mind. The materials I use are wood, metal, string, colored cord and LED’s. I take most of my inspiration from meditation, chakras and repeated objects. Meditation inspires me to create a work someone can be consumed by.
I do this by allowing the viewers mind to escape the physical place and enter a state of auto-hypnosis while viewing artworks. This auto-hypnosis or trance we feel when viewing an artwork for hours on end is what I believe makes an artwork successful. Chakras in my work are represented by colored cords or in the shape of my sculptures. These shapes correspond with the specific chakra I want to highlight. Lastly, repeated objects or repeated lines help to surround the viewer and over take them by the shear number of objects. Often this large number of objects tricks the mind and allows one to be immersed by the artwork.