Art of Molly Brooks

Molly Brooks’ art is a digital neon dipped exploration into another world. Toying with concepts of surrealism, fantasy, science fiction, virtual reality, and horror, she uses photo manipulation and digital collage as materials to create pieces that feel distinctly “elsewhere”.

About the Creator

Born from low budget horror films, vintage science fiction, and obscure underground electronic music, Molly Brooks’ art is an exploration into the surreal, the fantasy, and the unsettling. Using techniques such as a photo manipulation and digital collage, most of Molly’s art focuses around taking one’s familiar reality and altering it to a point of “elsewhere”. A self proclaimed chronic day dreamer, she uses her art as a means to create a new reality, one she considers much more beautiful, relatable, and psychedelic than the one she currently inhabits.

When she isn’t floating through the digital depths of her imagination, Molly works for Seattle’s Q Nightclub as their in-house graphic designer and visual media artist, as well as one of the head curators and creative leads of their weekly event, FWD Wednesdays. An avid electronic music fan, music is her muse, her biggest inspiration, and the truest passion of her life.