Advice Booth

Simple interventions can instigate community interactions, unsolicited compassion, and lots of giggles. The Advice Booth is dynamic and engaging for people of all ages.

The Charlie Brown style advice booth allows users to customize the advice to be given with childhood refrigerator magnets on a metal plate sign. Anyone so inclined can stand behind the booth and become a giver of advice, a listening ear or comedian. It inspires organic conversations and engagement.

At various times throughout the festival, the booth transforms to a banana stand. During this time human bananas will pass out fresh banana telephones to improve communications throughout the festival. Because we all know “there is always money in the banana stand.”

Constructed out of entirely reclaimed materials, except for lights, the Advice Booth/Banana Stand demonstrates opportunities for repurposing fun.

About the Creator

My name is Vince and am the proud poppa of three beautiful daughters. I have a passion for music, community and creating. I have been working in construction since 1998 and have a strong work ethic.