Opening and Closing Ceremony by Matheo “Golden Dragon” James

A community organizer, healer, and musician from Denver, CO, Matheo “Golden Dragon” has led non-profits, played music nationally with a touring circus, and been Mayor of the Burning Man theme camp Red Lightning. A strong advocate for indigenous wisdom, spiritual healing, and gender alchemy, he works with individuals and groups to increase the impact of their world-changing efforts.

Believing that fun and inspiration are the keys that unlock our hearts for spiritual growth and community building, Matheo leads wisdom-sharing circles, facilitates team-building experiences, and brings diverse teams together to co-create immersive festival experiences.

As DJ Golden Dragon, he strives to bring joy and insight to people through sacred bass music. He creates playful and spiritually uplifting dance experiences that weave in elements of indigenous shamanism, eastern heart-based mysticism, and western esoteric traditions.

These endeavors are designed to build and create healthy relationships: within our communities, the web of life, with spirit, and most of all within our own hearts. With this end in mind, Matheo practices Natural Path meditation and teaches Non-Violent Communication, as well as facilitating Restoration Council healing circles and offering personal energetic healing work.