Galactic Perspectives by Casey Leigh Claypool

Class Description

Have you ever wondered why you are here and where you came from?  Have you dreamed of using your gift as a way to create a world of abundance and in harmony with nature and one another? Perhaps it is more of a reality than science fiction. Come with an open mind and heart as Casey takes you on a cosmic journey to discuss how we can collectively create this shift in paradigm. Allow your imagination to carry you through mysterious subjects such as the, advanced ancient civilizations, the Secret Space Program, and how extraterrestrial has influenced humanity’s evolution. Let’s create together, a safe and imaginative space to experience how a galactic perspective can help to facilitate humanity’s healing and expansion in new realms of consciousness.


Instructor Bio

Casey Claypool has been dedicated to understanding the nature of our reality since 2011. Unsatisfied with how reality is currently operating on this planet, her imagination of a better world has been the catalyst to search for the cure for humanity’s dysfunction. This has lead her into many realms and perspectives beyond the mainstream narrative.

Casey is no stranger to the dark side of humanity. Professionally, she practices as a Licensed Mental Health Therapist at a community clinic in Washington and has been in the field since 2007. She has also completed a year long astrology course through Nightlight Astrology in 2013, and is currently working on her certification as a Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist from the Wellness Institute.

Not only has she researched the fringes of the human psyche, she has been working to piece together the mysteries of our planet and out into the cosmos. This has lead her to the outermost edges of information and down many deep rabbit holes. She has spent the last 5 years researching and following the top whistleblowers, experiencers, and top researchers in their field. With topics ranging from the Secret Space Program, the crop circle phenomena, channeling, reincarnation, consciousness, the quantum field, UFO’s, government coverup, and humanity’s history and relationship with our galactic brothers and sisters, she strives to piece together the seemingly broken reality we reside within and develop a broader view, a galactic view of how our world came to be and where we are headed.