Becoming the Artist Warrior by Courtney Feider

Class Description

Everyone is creative, but at some point we all get prohibited or stopped.  The Artist Warrior program opens up your original creative source, and shows you how to map your future around a new creative blueprint designed exclusively for you. Participants choose a “soul” color, and begin the process of drawing the boundaries of their current life, and connections to a utopic future.
All gathered are invited to have their faces painted with their soul color, and to wear the Artist Warrior mark for the weekend.  From there, we are a tribe, and support each other emotionally and visually.

Instructor Bio

Courtney Feider is a pioneer in the field of Creative Disruption. Courtney specializes in identifying the innate artistry in people and connecting their personal power through creative leadership.  She focuses on helping young, hungry leaders who are prepared for transformational change. Now a global leadership consultant, she started her work in corporate marketing, brand strategy, and entrepreneurial business. She lives on a urban homestead in Idaho, and travels and works virtually with clients from the US, Canada, the UK, Italy, and around the globe.