Yoga N’Angola

Class Description

Yogis, dancers, and movement explorers, come enjoy a new way to move your body! We will explore Capoeira Angola, a Brazilian Dance and Martial Art through our bodily knowledge of yoga and dance. Headstands, handstands, cartwheels, walk over wheels and so much more. If you have ever been curious about Capoeira, and you already like to move your body, this workshop is for you!

Instructor Bio

Jonathan Wolf has been a dedicated student of Capoeira Angola for 8 years, and a student of yoga for 17. He loves swirling together the things he loves most and offering them up to share. Be it homemade chai, handmade bamboo flutes, yoga, bodywork, Capoeira, travel, or permaculture, he is inspired to share what he loves with you, in hopes you may find your own resonance of interest. An avid dancer at ecstatic dances starting on the Big Island in ’06, through the East Bay Ecstatic Dance, and now at Sacred Circle in PDX, he sees dance as a way to liberate ourselves and the world around us.