What The Hoops?

Class Description

GroovinMegzz has a nitch for making learning FUN! In this workshop we will be covering the basics of hoop dance. Moves covered: hooping on the body-waist, hips, knees, shoulders, off body hooping, isolations and plane changes. Basic trick sequences will be taught at the end of the workshop! Students will walk away feeling graceful and confident in beginning their hoop dance journey.  Hoops will be provided, if you have your own please bring it!

Instructor Bio

GroovinMegzz is a multiple prop performance artist who has been hoop dancing for over a decade. She works towards inspiring others to shine from within through dance, movement, fitness and nutrition.
“The Hooping Body” is about embracing the fact that hoopers are athletes of the circle. It’s a practice that requires time and dedication to our bodies! Her goal is to inspire all hoop dancers to work on their physical conditioning outside of the hoop by strengthening and focusing on flexibility and in turn feel the benefits of this inside the hoop.