Poi! Geometry in Motion

Class Description

For skills of all levels! Come learn what makes poi so incredibly fun. We’ll go over concepts, shapes, and simple exercises to lay the foundation for further exploration outside of class. Don’t just learn trick after trick! We’ll explore various ways to move with your poi to make you a more comfortable spinner.

Come experience for yourself, why poi is much more than cool visual art! Learning a new art will create new neural pathways in your fabulous brain that can improve your body and spatial awareness, the way you move, and even learn throughout your daily life. Do yourself a favor and take a little time to come see what poi is all about! (Please bring your own poi! I have limited pairs.)

Instructor Bio

My name is Zach Kiyuna, I’m 28, and I currently reside in the lovely Eugene, Oregon. I discovered poi roughly 7 and a half years ago. It has led me on an unbelievable journey of self exploration and discovery! I’ve learned from many amazing members of the local community, traveled to Flow Festivals (Pacific Fire/Fire Drums) and taken workshops from even more amazing people. Although I wouldn’t consider myself a professional poi spinner but more of an enthusiastic hobbyist.

The experiences I’ve had on my journey through poi, I feel, are truly unique. It has helped me become much more aware of my body and mind and even changed the way I go about learning new skills. Poi has inspired me to make healthier lifestyle changes and opened paths that I honestly didn’t think I was capable of exploring. After observing the flow community for many years I’ve asked myself many times what I could contribute to the art. So much more technical knowledge is available to people now than when I started spinning I’ve started seeing this trend of going from cool new trick to cool new trick. While technical knowledge is fundamental, I want to bring people back to the main reason I started spinning, which is the feel. To really break away from the idea that the poi is just a prop that you try to control, but more of an extension of your own body.