Class Description

LOVE YOURSELF! is a yoga class in the mornings for people to allow love into their hearts even more than they already do. It includes flow through heart and hip openers, allowing bodies to move and open for them while they dance throughout the day. The class spends time checking in with our inner selves then inviting the entire group to be one and be love. Everyone comes together for the love of music and spending time opening their hearts to the beauty of the illuminated forest and farm full of nothing but radiating energy! This class is perfect for instilling a permanent smile on everyone’s faces and reminding everyone how beautiful they truly are!

Instructor Bio

Maddie Phillips is a 200 hr Certified Yoga Teacher (CYT) from Olympia, Washington who has found endless love through yoga. Ever since she accepted yoga in her heart, she found such divinity and peace within her world and it’s something she has always shared with the world around her.

“There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone to see how amazing they truly are. Namaste!”