Jelly Belly

Class Description

This class is for ALL styles of dancers who want to learn to articulate your stomach muscles like a belly dancer! Add these stomach rolls, locks, and fast isolations to your next choreography, or just show your cool tricks at the next house party!

Instructor Bio

Hey! I’m Lúlu, a traveling choreographer, wellness coach, and lifestyle entrepreneur. My mission is to create a community-oriented atmosphere of collaboration and relevant, socially progressive conversations, and to help others find their most fearless, badass selves.
My work stems from my technical training in various forms of belly dance, street dance, sensual movement, yoga, and contemporary dance, and I also draw heavily from my vested interests in feminism, identity, health autonomy, and social justice. I’m currently focused on fusing Diasporic dances with other dance forms, and ruffling feathers about the status quo when it comes to ethnic dance and creating art responsibly.
I have a genuine desire to be a small fish in a big pond.
I want to thank my dance mentors for their continual support, enthusiasm, and dedication to community growth and artist empowerment. I also want to thank Cera Byer and Zoe Jakes for the opportunities they’ve offered me and inviting me to dance in their companies in 2014-15. Special thanks to one dance partner in particular, Rin Ajna, whose artistic genius and depth of character are a constant inspiration for me to learn, grow, and question EVERYTHING!