House Dance

Class Description

Basic movements to inspire you on the dance floor. In this workshop we will play with fun ideas for creating on your own as well as learn some foundational movement crucial to the style of dance.

Instructor Bio

DonnaMation, performance artist, choreographer, and educator, is the artistic director and choreographer for Axé Didé, and co-director of New Lineage and BoomBots. DonnaMation specializes in the styles of Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, Popping and House dance. She has performed and taught in various places around the world.
Donna has danced most of her life and began her career as a performer and professor of dance in 1999. Donna is well versed in a plethora of styles including, street dances such as Popping, Rumba, House, and Brazilian Samba, as well as traditional dances from Cuba and Brazil, the meaningful and deeply rooted movements of the Orisha/Orixa.
As a teacher, Donna is known for her enthusiasm, passion, and respect for the origins of the many styles of dances she shares. Her classes are a workout and challenge people with all levels of experience. As an artist, she inspires and supports her students to further embody the movement, not just imitate form. Since 1999 Donna has performed in other awesome groups as a dancer, director, and percussionist including Jujuba, The Lions of Batucada, New Lineage, and Black Angel. As the artistic director of Axé Didé, Donna masterfully combines rhythms and dances mainly from Cuba and Brazil, but also from the diverse lineages of the African Diaspora.