Class Description

Ever hear a great song, but just don’t know how to “get down”?  Come take Grooves with Jenny Windom.  We’ll go through some foundational body movements and footwork that you can take anywhere and use to jam to your favorite songs, and learn some choreography you can take home and impress your friends with!

Instructor Bio

Jenny Windom has been dancing for three years in the Portland area, and she would describe her movement as “wiggly, with a little bit of water-bending and kitty cat thrown in”.  She’s danced with Nonsense Dance Co, Paint Dance Co, and is currently dancing with 11: Dance Co.  While she has training in a variety of styles including hip hop and street styles like house, vogue, and waacking. K-Pop will always hold a special place in her heart.  She’s excited to be dancing at What The Festival for a second year!