Deep Stretch Yoga

Class Description

We all know that feeling at a festival–your feet are aching, your quads are sore from hours of blissful dancing and tromping around, and your back isn’t doing much better. You’re literally tore up from the floor up.
Come stretch it out deeply with a focus specifically on those tight areas, mindful breath, and a bit of gentle flow to get your body and mind refreshed, energized, and ready to go all night, again.
Excellent for all levels, shapes, sizes, and lifestyles.

Instructor Bio (Kendall Parkin)

If yoga has taught me only one thing, it is to be honest. In words, action, and thought. Especially with yourself.
I am not a soft spoken, gentle yogi. I am not blessed with a naturally flexible or thin body. I am not vegan. I am not a lot of things that I thought I had to be to become a yoga teacher.

I AM, however–bold and outspoken. I am strong and healthy with a big appetite. I am powerful. I work hard. I care about people and their happiness. I am learning to appreciate what I am more and more every day. I draw inspiration for my classes mostly from stories, music, astrology, moon energy, shapes, yogic principles, but most of all from my students–who are the greatest teacher of all. I offer a style of thoughtful anatomical sequencing with a focus on experiencing the sensation that conscious movement creates. Who cares if you can’t twist into a fancy yoga pretzel? Were you kind and curious toward your body and experience? Did you walk away from your mat feeling like you did your best inside and out? Yes?!–you win. What happens inside is what truly counts. That’s the real yoga.

As a student and teacher, I hope to represent the place in all of us where we feel our true nature transcend fear and self doubt, allowing us to live our truth and work toward living more authentic, awesome lives.