Class Description

From the fields of Panjab to the dance floors of America?! Thanks to the infectious beat of the dhol drum the Panjabi folk dances Bhangra and Giddha have been a making inroads on to American dance floors over the last several decades. Originating as a male harvest dance, Bhangra is from the state of Panjab which resides in both India and Pakistan. Giddha is the traditional women’s dance. Moves from both dances will be taught. From South Asian weddings to nightclubs worldwide, Bhangra’s energizing beat is infectious. These are high energy folk dances. Bare feet are encouraged.

Instructor Bio

Anjali Hursh (aka DJ Anjali) has been studying dance her whole life. Her first dance teacher was her Indian Mum who trained in Kathak (North India Classical dance) as a student of the famed Gopi Krishna. Anjali herself studied Kathak and Bharata Natyam (South Indian Classical dance.) As DJ Anjali she introduced Bhangra and Bollywood to Portland night clubs in 2000. Since then she has been a passionate promoter of both Bhangra and Giddha (Panjabi folk dances), performing at clubs and festivals in Portland and all over North America. As a dance teacher you will find her approachable, friendly, and eager to talk about Desi (South Asian) dance.With a background in Jazz, Ballet and Modern, she combines a sense of humor and fun into her high energy dance class!